About Colour

Colour is our most powerful decorating tool. Living in colour begins with a perfect palette that caters to your lifestyle and personality. Regardless of the trends, it’s important to pick hues that truly represent your vision and anticipated feel for each room.  Different colours affect our moods in many different ways and reflect who we are.  Colour can derive from many factors describing the desired feel of the room; from an inspirational piece of fabric, furniture, decor and art, or other rooms in the home. Additionally, keeping a consistent colour palette is important if you have rooms that are open and connected -- this will help ensure flow and balance.

Colour is also a great way to give your home some character and personality and the most cost-effective approach to enhancing the beauty of your home. 

With thousands of paint colours to choose from, many important factors play into the consideration along with elements of your space, such as: tile, rock, marble, woodwork, lighting, and natural light; which all effect how colour will transform your home. 

The colour process can be overwhelming and quite challenging. You don't want to put all of your efforts into painting only to realize your choice is not working within your surroundings. Hiring a Certified Colour Consultant will help save you time, money and relentless hours of frustrating wrong colour selections and choices.  We provide you with your custom colour scheme, 8 ½  X 11 colour swatches,  paint finish, colour names, quantity, and numbers.

We are here to help you live in COLOUR!